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Cold Drip Coffee Maker


ATMOS is the simplest way to make real cold drip coffee in your own kitchen


Hot or Cold

No matter how you like your coffee, you can make it with ATMOS. Using ATMOS to make your hot or cold coffee will save you precious time in the morning so every day can start well. 

Full Flavor

ATMOS brings out the subtle flavours that hot extraction and immersion brews tend to mask. Our cold drip method produces a rich extract perfect for use in your favourite coffee.


 Drink While You Brew

ATMOS makes your mornings easier. Every ATMOS comes with 3 borosilicate glass bottles so you can drink some, store some and make some more whenever it suits you.


Your morning coffee has never been so smooth, sleek and healthy


How does it work? 

ATMOS is the way of making cafe grade cold drip coffee easy and compact for home use. We simplified cold drip towers to fit your breakfast table. And we got rid of the drip control tap. No tap, no adjustment time. This was possible using nature’s own atmospheric pressure. 

Atmospheric pressure limits water flow to exactly the amount needed - maintaining zero pressure on the coffee grinds. This means perfectly even absorption across the entire surface of ground coffee. Perforated ridges draw coffee into the centre using surface tension resulting in a perfectly consistent drip.

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Brewing magic with the help of physics



Fill the basket up to the rim with coffee grounds. This will make sure the coffee is perfect every time. 


Wipe off any excess grounds above the rim. Press and lock the tamp into place. Simple, easy and no barista skills needed. 


Screw your water bottle into the tamp; and your catcher bottle into the basket. Then flip. Your perfect coffee is now on its way. 

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